Saturday, February 4, 2017


Are there such things as ghosts? Is there such a thing as exorcism?

Of course there is. We are not talking about the horror movies or haunted houses here. 

Everyone one of us is haunted; haunted by a ghost called the mind. The mind always keeps worrying, crying, commenting, judging, lamenting. It is always stuck in an emotional state and carries the individual in the rough waves of that emotion. 

Several individuals are prisoners to their minds and their emotions. If someone could see what the mind is doing, we would all be declared insane. 

This ghost-living, living in siege by the mind, moving on with our lives without the slightest awareness, How many lives have been ruined b emotional excesses! 

The ghost is the false sense of ego: identification with the mind. One goes around spinning one's own tales. There are glowing narratives. People write books and make movies explaining these narratives, and other people who are vulnerable become agitated. The patterns gets reinforced, and awareness reduces. The false ego has overshadowed the real person. 

The mind is always grasping, desiring for objects. It develops agitation and anger when it fails to attain. It is always looking at the world through a selfish filter, salivating for pleasure, devising schemes. Such an unchecked mind loses objectivity and connection to truth. It becomes passionate and constrained. It destroys the individual by forcing him/her into insane actions, words and thoughts. 

A wise person must restrain the mind. One must abandon the false ego which is always constructing the artificial self and distorting the thoughts with possessiveness. 

It is not easy to do this. So, one must leave the mind in God. God is the infinitely beautiful, infinitely auspicious, and is the Master of all being. He alone can restrain the mind and keep it in order. When the mind is fixed upon His lotus feet, it becomes benign. It can transform into a beautiful thing which liberates the individual and fills one with peace. 

One has to surrender with the mind to the lotus feet of God. This is the only exorcism available. Then the real self shines radiantly and one is full of love. 

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